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How digital freight forwarding can fast-track the recovery of your supply chain from COVID-19

It’s still around but we seem to be getting over it steadily. The pandemic is not only a health and humanitarian crisis but also an economic shock to every country around the world. No business has been immune to the crisis – with a profound impact on the Freight and Logistics industry. Supply chains are impacted by the loss of belly cargo capacity on passenger flights to new regulations and border restrictions.

ElijahSEND Team

Published On:

17 September, 2020

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Normal isn’t available to us anymore and ‘business as usual’ even less. The new reality taking shape is made of complexity, uncertainty, and opportunities. To adapt and thrive, businesses must accelerate and become agile. From a technology perspective, these massive challenges can be turned into meaningful optimization for the freight supply chain.

With digitalisation already accelerating globally as a result of the crisis, we believe the future of the traditional freight forwarding is more precarious than ever. The already existing problems in traditional freight forwarding are more intensified this time - low visibility, high unpredictability, not enough control. But your business needs to move, faster.

One simple platform to do it all

It has been quite harder since the past months but everyone deserves peace of mind every time. Using a digital freight forwarding, you can streamline outdated processes with a single platform solution that fits your challenges today and will scale as needed into the future. Ship any freight only within a few clicks on a single digital platform and recover your business quickly with solutions including;

Instant Price Quotation

It can take up to 100 hours to finally get a price quote for your cargo traditional freight forwarders (how about during this time). Digital freight forwarding has an instant freight quote engine to provide pricing within seconds instead of days and hours, giving customers 100% transparency and can instantly book a shipment on their website. And on our website for instance, freight booking is now similar to booking a hotel or a flight. Get an instant quote now

Seamless documentation handling

Instead of time-consuming paperwork, digital forwarding now offers to collect all documents within its secure cloud. It enables collaboration so that you can share documents such as the bill of lading, invoices or a packing list with third parties. It has all the important documents in one secure place and avoids sending emails with attachments back and forth … that’s cool, isn’t it?

Shipment tracking

Through digital freight forwarding, everyone is on the same level and customers always know where their cargo is to communicate with their customers or whoever awaits the shipment.


Automated invoicing

Shippers and Forwarders could win significant cost savings through automating the auditing of freight payments and invoicing. Thereby they could save a significant amount per invoice and make sure each invoice is correct which is a huge step according to SWG who claim that 20% of the invoices in freight and logistics are incorrect.

Automated Shipping

From booking to delivery, digital forwarding automates shipment such that no human contact occurs among all involved in the shipping process, enabling easy business interaction during this pandemic.


With SEND, it will be a lot easier to decide which shipping solution best fits your business. Learn more